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Latest updates 5 July 2013

There are recent changes to Welder, Weld Playback, Flash and WeldArchive. Please see the relevant latest change information.


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Internal TFW use only

Registry Settings documentation. 8 November 2012

May be issued to customers

WPB Data Access Technical Reference Manual.

A complete reference, with examples, explaining how the Automation interface provided by Wpb.exe can be used to access all kinds of weld data from the welder database.

Wpb Version 8.x and earlier.

Wpb Version 9.x and later. (updated 25 October 2012)


A sample Excel file demonstrating WPB data access using VBA.

Wonderful Widget Welding sample files

Files to accompany the WPB data access technical reference manual.

TIR Measurement system documentation.

TIR Measurement system documentation.